Couples may include one or more of the following: a special veil, a cord (or lasso) and coins (arras). Usually, the bride and groom will select close friends or family members to act as sponsors or Godparents for each of these ceremonies.

The veil covers the couple as a  reminder that Christ covers them in his love.  It symbolizes that their new home will be a place where God dwells and that they have chosen to live under the mantel of His love. It is also a symbol of the faithful love they have for each other.

The cord/lasso, looped and crossed in the middle, an infinity symbol, is wrapped around the bride and groom to symbolize the Blessed Trinity; the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit who are one and the same.  The cord symbolizes this same union and the infinite nature of marriage.

The coins/arras are a reminder of the good stewardship of couples; that they will mutually support each other, their children and the world around them.